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Perseverance and A New Path!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

When I think of perseverance, really we all have had a crash course in that this past year!

It means to me, to just never quit. You may take a break, cry, have a restorative nap, but dig deep,

and get back on it as soon as you are able. The path we walked in 2020 took us over bumps, barriers, obstacles, and challenges that we never expected. We can choose to look at them as a traumatic experience, with isolation, and fear- filled days of uncertainty. OR we can re-walk that path and recognize that each obstacle and boulder we had to maneuver around has prepared us, and taught us to learn, think, and reach goals in new ways. It may be a challenge to alchemize these feelings, but when you assign them a symbolic pictogram, and add them into a painting, cover them with washes of healing color, your brain will begin to see them as changed. The idea of energy converting to matter was given to us by Einstein, but you don't have to be an 'Einstein' to see how your brain will accept what it sees as 'real' even when it is in an image, and not necessarily in the real 3D world. So. About six months ago I started a Facebook page : Peace Through Painting', I offer free, intro art lessons using Intentional Creativity© to help people feel better and reconnect to their creative side during the days of isolation and limited social contact. I recently finished a new class offering 'Making a New Path' , as a way to heal some of the symbolic 'bumps, boulders, and barriers' we all had to get around, overcome and deal with on our 'Path' of life last year. Offered with short videos and more detailed tips and photos, It will be available again soon, on Zoom and locally, as I feel I should share what I know about Art as a healing, meditative, and restorative practice. No experience is necessary, and the paintings all are unique to you.

My sample has an underpainting with the path, logs, stones, and barriers, turned into flowers, crystals, etc. which are the symbols of those difficulties, transformed. It has recently been sold, but there are more selections! I hope to be sharing these classes soon in online on Zoom, or in person, when our limitations are lifted, more people get the vaccine, and are open to return to activities outside the home. Enjoy a creative break- it is good for you! Also all of my 'class demo paintings' are on watercolor paper, 18x24 available for purchase and priced between $150-$200 # #art#painting#creativity #workshop #paintingclass #perserverance

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