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When you Wish...

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

This is the time of year for wishes! When you wish, you have to Believe it is really out there and possible for you, otherwise the wish is defeated before it can fly!

So as we look into 2021- I know ALL of us are wishing for a better year- to me, that means more creative year, in all I do, not just in painting, but in how I am living daily!

I have found that making and viewing Art can actually make you feel better, mindfully, within, and brings Peace from anxiety, and guidance if you train yourself to listen.

My 'Muses' are not just attractive as artwork, but really are infused and guided into being- by inner goals and inquiries. This is where I find answers, in painting, to my own questions and problems.

I firmly believe, if people were reminded how to use that important side of their brains- the creative side, and learn to use creativity again, to find balance by shutting off the 'logical, critical' side for just a few hours a week, we all could reclaim what we have lost over the years. Technology and industrial factories of our age made life very convenient, but making something BY HAND is key to opening that side of your mind that leads to 'Creative Flow'.

My wish this year is to bring more of that Creative way of being, into my life practice and the lives of others! All The Best Blessings to You!

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